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Rice, Kylan (2018).  The lateral radical: On Jorie Graham. West Branch.
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JONES, Phillip (2018).  On The Brink. The Oxonian Review. 36(3), 
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Christopher Nelson (2017).  A Review of Jorie Graham’s fast. Under a Warm Green Linden.
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Adam Fitzgerald (2017).  Jorie Graham’s Poetic Autopsy for Self and Nation. The New York Times Book Review.
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Erin Lyndal Martin (2017).  The Possible Absence of a Future: Talking With Jorie Graham.
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Chadwick Jenkins (2017).  Pulitzer Prize Winner Jorie Graham's Collection of Poetry, 'Fast', Will Haunt You, Beautifully.
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Sarah Howe (2017).  Interview with Jorie Graham. PRAC CRIT.
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