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September 16, 2020
96 pages  •  235 x 187 x 8 mm
GBP 11.69

Carcanet Poetry

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In her formidable and clairvoyant new collection, Runaway, Jorie Graham deepens her vision of our futurity. What of us will survive? Identity may be precarious, but perhaps love is not? Keeping pace with the desperate runaway of climate change, social disruption, our new mass migrations, she struggles to reimagine a habitable present - a now - in which we might endure, wary, undaunted, ever-inventive, 'counting silently towards infinity'. Graham's essential voice guides us fluently 'as we pass here now into the next-on world', what future we have surging powerfully through these pages, where the poet implores us 'to the last be human'.


Reading and Book Launch with Isabel Galleymore | 16th September 2020  (Premiered 2 February 2021) [ VIDEO ]