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Sea Change

May 2008
96 pages
£13.95 (Paperback)
Carcanet Press

:: selected poetry from Sea Change ::

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ea Change
is a poetry of the tipping point, when what is lost and damaged in our world and our humanity is forever irrecoverable, when time itself has disintegrated. Jorie Graham, acclaimed as one of America’s most innovative poets, writes in her new collection the words for the ‘silence-that-precedes’ the once-unimaginable future in which the only ways of being human we have ever known, can no longer be sustained. With a luminous formal beauty, Sea Change brings us to the threshold of that terrifying silence and affirms the fragile tenacity of the human essence that binds us to the world. It is poetry as urgent as it is essential.

'A mesmerising American voice.'
- Helen Vendler, The New Yorker

'One of our most highly imaginative and innovative poets. Her speculative and sensual poetry echoes an aesthetic and cultural past but is, truly, like nothing we've seen before.'
- Los Angeles Times

Cover painting Peter Sacks, I Remember Nothing, 2006, courtesy of Galerie Piece Unique.
Photograph by Didier Morel.
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